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Cyber Effectiveness and the CED KPI

Thursday, November 22nd, 2018

Cyber effectiveness and the CED KPI - and its Cyber Event Days Key Performance Indicator - are inextricably linked with one another.

Improving one improves the other - CED improvements result in better cyber effectiveness.

In fact it is Cyber Event Days - the KPI - which reveals the diagnostic of what to do next to improve the effectiveness of Cyber programs, but if only you know what to look for and how to use it.

  • For some, CED KPI measures are in the low single digits.
  • For others CED measures are in the tens-of-thousands.
  • But for most, CED measures are mostly between the two extremes.

So what is this CED (Cyber Event Days) KPI?


May the Indicators be with You

Tuesday, November 13th, 2012

May the Indicators be with You  ...  or it it "may the force be with you?"

In any case, the sentiment expressed by the phrase made famous by the Star Wars movies is also expressed by the saying, "you should pay attention to what's going to matter most, and ignore everything else."

In the Star Wars movies the narrative explanation was evidenced in scenes where Luke Skywalker ignored the jet fighter's guide-by-wire systems and went instead with his gut instinct and intuition and used joy-stick controls without guidance-controls.

The dichotomy between yin and yang, white and black, and loss and success plays itself out daily for cyber operations where we are used to measuring almost everything digital that can be measured.

We find ourselves drowning in too much information.

Let's find out why and what can be done about it.