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Security’s Insecurity Problems

Saturday, February 3rd, 2018

Security's insecurity problems. Do you know what they are?

The problems are related to what our five senses do and all these offer. They are related to physical sensors designed and used by people and all these deliver. It's problems are related to neurons and synapses and all they convey. And security's insecurity problems are related to the human Limbic system with its learning, memory and autonomic processes. And, there is growing evidence that security insecurity is related to health, food and other fundamental human needs. Farther afield, security's insecurity problems are related to transcription, DNA expression, gene encoding and metabolic reactions.

Are you lost yet?

After all this is a pretty broad set of topics without seeming rhyme or theme.

Can you tell what security's insecurity problems are?

More hints:

  • Security refers to being free of potential harm or threat
  • Most often this free from potential harm is from an external force or agent
  • Sometimes it can be free from internal harm
  • Insecurity is its opposite

Q1: How do you know these things?

Q2: When do you know these things?

Q3: Can we have security and insecurity simultaneously?