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Digital Transformation and Enterprise Inertia

Friday, May 25th, 2018

The phrase of the day is digital transformation and its kissing cousin, which is disruption.

What is less well understood - nor is it widely discussed - is the impact of organizational or enterprise inertia.

Creative destruction, transformation and change

The overwhelming talk-track heard in conference halls, in expo centers, on podcasts, in webinars, and in online and mainstream business coverage is all about transforming this and transforming that.

When the modifier "digital" is appended to "transformation" everyone nods their head in agreement and in unison: bound to one another by social compact about expected behavior and the unwillingness the admit that they have no idea what others are talking about.

All this talk about transformation - digital or otherwise - and disruption is music to the ears of all the people who are in the businesses of offering management consulting, advisory and guidance services, especially about the nexus of strategy, markets and digitally enabled business processes.

But even these companies - the advisory firms - suffer from the same enterprise inertia that afflicts their clients.