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Brands are Dead – Customers are Loyal to UX

Saturday, February 24th, 2018

In the 21st century, customers are loyal to the User eXperience (UX for short). Yet all that marketers talk about is this "Brand" and that "Brand." Is the concept of "brand" keeping marketers fully employed because they have hoodwinked everyone into believing "branding" has magical powers?

I'm here to tell you the concept of "Brand" as something existing on its own, separate from the experience of customers, is dead. The very concept of "Brand" is a vestige of 20th century industrial manufacturing economics built on the premise of "build it and they will buy."

But today, yesterday's concept of "Brand" has been replaced by the UX.

Brands are dead - customers are only loyal to UX and more importantly to their expectations.

Don't want to believe it?

Travel to Kuala Lampur, Dubai, Bangkok, Mumbai, Rome, Paris, London, Frankfurt, Sao Paulo, San Francisco, Sydney, New York, St. Petersburg and any number of other major cities of the world.

There in the midst of all these unique cultures and cities you'll find the same upscale "Brands" in exactly the same layout, with the same trade dress, the same products, and the same experience.

So why is it that "Brands" put so much weight on what is called "trade dress?"

Let's find out.