Innovative Digital Business Models

Is your company making money using some of the innovative digital business models of the future, today?

If not, it is important to understand what some of the new digital business models are, what they are best used for, who should consider using them, why they are important, and when they should be used.

Not all of the new digital business models are well-suited to everyone in all industries, in whole or in part.

But enough some parts of many of the new digital business models will be applied by competitors - new and existing alike - to cause customers to re-think from whom to source their needs.

And when this happens - customers re-thinking an existing relationship- it might be too late.

The new era of digital business models requires continuous re-thinking of the the customer experience and then how to satisfy customers using new ways of reaching, organizing and delivering value.

Tech and digital business models

Yesterday's tech industry brought several new business models to fruition that included large up-front spending, low up-front costs, and project-based outlays.

But the tech industry has gone far beyond its origins and is continuously inventing new ways to make money. As digital converges and merges across every industry, the innovations of digital business models will become more important to every business, no matter what industry it is in today.

Today's hard-edged lines that define industries are melting away and merging into and across one another. The historical context for how the tech industry made its money is interesting but not important.

The enterprises digital business planners should be looking beyond the legacy of how tech providers made their money. Instead, digital planners should be looking at how tech industry innovators are now making their money.

Decision makers should be reevaluating:

  • Business strategy
  • Operating models
  • Becoming digital businesses

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  • Digital liftoff
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