2018 Cyber Security Spend Report

The 2018 Cyber Security Spend Report focuses on global spend today through the coming five years. Did you know that global spend on cyber security is:

  • More than $103 billion today
  • Will exceed $130 billion by or before 2022

Today's top two spend categories account for almost 50 percent of spend by enterprises today.

The bottom two categories account for less than 10 percent of all spending on cyber security.

Cyber Spend White Spaces

Today's spending on cyber security will not become tomorrow's.

Some of the over-served cyber market segments of today are forecast to decline over the coming five years in response to digital transformations.

Currently under-served categories will experience increases in spend as organizations increasingly integrate digital processes and focus on improving digital resilience.

Today's oversubscribed segments will change as yesterday’s cyber foundations are re-thought, re-imagined, re-deployed and digitally transformed.

Disruptive market and technology change is forecast to reshape the landscape of market spend on cyber security and leave today's market spend white spaces looking very different by or before 2022.

Find out more in the Wellington Research 2018 Cyber Security Spend Report.

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Cyber’s Three Organizing Principles

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