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The era of innovative digital business models has arrived and with it as they say is something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue.

Something old is the old businesses models of the tech industry now that every industry is a software company.

Something new are actually new business models or ways to organize resources and assets to turn a profit.

Something borrowed is the old tech foundations that cannot be jettisoned entirely while new digital tires are retrofitted for new roads and discoveries.

Something blue is the realization that digital business is just like old business, and once in the trenches of digital business innovation, it is just as difficult as old business because it is business.

Our new report on Innovative Digital Business Models provide some perspective on it all.

Tech and digital business models

Yesterday's tech industry brought several old and new business models to fruition that include large up-front spending, low up-front costs, and project-based outlays.

Digital business planners should look beyond the legacy of tech's business models by looking at how those in the tech industry are now making their money.

Decision makers should be reevaluating:

  • Business strategy
  • Operating models
  • Becoming digital businesses

Read our latest report covering:

  • Tech's legacy business models
  • Tech's new business models
  • Digital liftoff

Download the report - today!

Innovative Digital Business Models Report

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Innovative Digital Business Models

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