Digital Business, Transformation and Automation

So what's up with all the talk about digital business, transformation and automation?

The way these are talked about you would think none of us have had anything to do with or been doing anything digital for the past fifty years.

None of us who earned our stripes anyway - whether it bee with paper tape loaders, front panel flip switches, JCL, hollerith cards, micro-controllers, CP/M, systems programming, kernel builds, and NOS's among others - have apparently been doing digital business, according to some anyway.

Nor was anyone who built and used RDMBS, middleware or client-server computing.

Hooey on all of us - or them - because apparently none of us have been doing digital business!

Foolish rubbish!

Digital business, transformation and automation
  • Digital business and digital transformation is "business + digital" or "transformation + digital"
  • One without the other is not digital business, nor is one without the other digital transformation
  • Digital automation is NOT digital business, NOR is it digital transformation

We've been using and leveraging IT - or is it ICS nowadays - to automate and make more efficient everything from recording transactions to managing reservations. TPMS was in its heyday fundamentally digital business.

Today, we take TPMS for granted because it has become a known known - a commodity: it is well understood and it reached its nadir of what it could automate, transform and digitize former processes and workflows that depended on or were largely done by people with non-digital systems.

Another way of looking at it is we learned about it, shifted up and right, and moved onto the next known unknown.

Don't bother getting started seeking the unknown unknowns.

This does not mean we no longer use TPMS: far from it.

We continue to rely on TPMS to operate core business processes today, even as some parts of our original TPMS's code and systems was and continues to be re-invented, re-imagined and digitally transformed today.

What digital transformation is really about

Which gets to the root of what digital transformation is really about.

Digital transformation is a tacit admission that the work process is valuable, something about it needs to be retained, but for some reason its current digital garb - and its digital processes - need to be improved to serve objectives the original digital garb was not built to deliver.

Both initial and later generations of digital are being used for relevant business processes or workflows, and are all digital business. But one is old and saggy like a 70 year old with flabby muscles, while the other is a fresh pink baby all full of possibilities and wonder at the world around it.

What's new is the latest digital technology and its fresh pink baby womnderlust - here's looking at you IoT, blockchain, Cloud, microservices, software defined networking, containers, machine learning, big data analytics, and agile DevOps among others - and the latest tech is always the NEW face of digital transformation.

What's also new are unicorns using blue ocean strategy with vision to see the customer experience - and customer expectations not seen by others today - from a customers perspective, not the tired and grown lazy lenses of those seeking ever higher rents from harvests off same land year in and year out.

Digital business will transform your business

Combinations of competitors from outside your industry and new fresh pink baby technologies will be used to reset customer expectations and experiences, and these will act to vacuum away customers and revenues.

This combination is already redefining and redrawing market and industry boundaries and rules for the future.

All of this is also digital transformation and digital business.

You don't however have to be a Unicorn to do digital transformation but if you wait to long you might become a digital dinosaur.

While digital transformation uses digital automation, it requires boldness of action driven by vision and purpose to translate into digital business.

Welcome to the new world of digital business.

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