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Is your organization underspending on information security? If you’re like most, spending on information security lags far behind other priorities. Only during the past few years has spend on information security started to increase, but it still lags behind. In this Research Report, Wellington summarizes findings from research conducted with thousands of organizations to highlight

GDPR – It’s About the Data, Stupid

Observers not familiar with the practice of security often look perplexed when you tell them that - with the exception of data protected in transit for use with web applications and virtual private networking - most data stored and accessed via applications on-premises or via hybrid, private and public Cloud applications, is unprotected.

But in this era of evaporated security perimeters, it's really all about the data, stupid.

And in the era of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)  of the European Union (EU), it is all about the data, stupid.

Although most organizations possess supervisory policies and principles about which data is considered public, confidential and sensitive, very few actually go to the trouble of automating the enforcement of these policies.

It's a "do as I say, not as I do" kind of moment when people realize that the policy says one thing, and the actual practice on the ground violates the policy.

Let's recount some of the reasons for why there is a discontinuity between policy and practice:

  • Its inconvenient.
  • It gets in the way.
  • Its too costly.
  • It's not how things are done today.
  • It won't impact us, just the other guys.

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