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Is your organization underspending on information security? If you’re like most, spending on information security lags far behind other priorities. Only during the past few years has spend on information security started to increase, but it still lags behind. In this Research Report, Wellington summarizes findings from research conducted with thousands of organizations to highlight

Will Enterprise IT Security Ever Converge?

Will the current state of enterprise IT security every converge? And if it does, should it?

The funding, direction and delivery of enterprise IT security is currently split between different departments. And, what's interesting to note is that this splitting of the IT security function is expressly established by design among most enterprises.

The three primary organizational buckets from which enterprise IT security is delivered at most enterprises include:

  • The IT operations department
  • Business units and operations
  • The IT security group

The extent of the divisions among these three very different stakeholder groups is reinforced by separate budgets that fund and operate enterprise IT security.

Although there is not total harmonization across enterprises, the responsibilities for IT security tend to follow predictable lines of focus across most enterprises.

These lines of focus tend to include:

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