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2018 Cyber Security Spend Report

The 2018 Cyber Security Spend Report focuses on global spend today through the coming five years. Did you know that global spend on cyber security is: More than $103 billion today Will exceed $130 billion by or before 2022 Today’s top two spend categories account for almost 50 percent of spend by enterprises today. The

Cyber’s Three Organizing Principles

Cyber's three organizing principles for most people are the common value disciplines used in operations of the enterprise. In fact, "cyber most often - but not always - reflects the value drivers of the organization for which it is being directed.

This research identifies the three common value disciplines of cyber and explores their uses for organizing and leading cyber operations. The three organizing principles of cyber include:

Product leadership. Cyber is organized as a product-led set of disciplines doling out tested and integrated cyber capabilities in the form of officially sanctioned products from which IT operations, digital operations, cyber operations and business operations order.

Service leadership. Cyber is a services-led effort focusing on customer service level metrics and officially sanctioned service delivery capabilities.

Customer leadership. Cyber is customer-oriented focusing on highly customized combinations of products, services and people.

Although cyber operations for most organizations are dominated by one of these three organizing principles - and most often reflect the business value disciplines of the organization - many people actually find themselves in situations where the other two are also in play to a lesser or greater extent.

Let's find out more about the three.

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