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Spend on Security

Is your organization underspending on information security? If you’re like most, spending on information security lags far behind other priorities. Only during the past few years has spend on information security started to increase, but it still lags behind. In this Research Report, Wellington summarizes findings from research conducted with thousands of organizations to highlight

Google, Android and Stage Freight

Do you have Stage Freight?  No, not the kind of stage freight fear and anxiety that occurs when you have to deliver a speech or pose for the camera. This Stage Freight is a bug in the Android operating system powering the vast majority of mobile phones and tablets now on the market.

This vulnerability makes it easy for attackers to remotely execute code via a multimedia message without the user of the phone or tablet ever being aware their device was attacked and taken over. To see if your device is infected, download one of the StageFreight detectors from the Google Play Store: here's one from Lookout Mobile Security. There are others here as well if you prefer. The advice from the experts is to uncheck Auto-retrieve from the MMS or Hangout application on your device to avoid losing it to an unseen hacker.

Google, the developer of the Android operating system had a patch for the bug and the patch was ready to be distributed when the bug was announced at the end of July. But it's not yet been distributed.

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