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Is your organization underspending on information security? If you’re like most, spending on information security lags far behind other priorities. Only during the past few years has spend on information security started to increase, but it still lags behind. In this Research Report, Wellington summarizes findings from research conducted with thousands of organizations to highlight

The Time to Act Has Come

The recent attacks in Paris on French soil, claimed by the terrorist organizers called ISIL, is an act of war on all free people everywhere. It follows the bombing of a Russian commercial airliner a few weeks earlier, and years of terrorizing civil people and governments of the Levant and beyond.

The time to act has come: not rashly, not without a plan, and not without leadership. It is time for a joining together of civil society to root out and destroy this evil - once and for all and everywhere it resides - that is threatening the civil world.

It is also time to make it clear to governments backing and funding this evil that they have a choice: they can become part of a civil society or lose everything they have.

There is - and should be - no equivocation when it comes to responding to this evil that has for too long been allowed to foment and develop to a stage of maturity where it threatens civilization.

We are at war and it is time to act.

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